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Cross Platform Apps Development

What may work on Firefox may not work on IE, and what may work on IE may not be compatible on another browser. And what works on one browser on one device may not work on the same browser in another depending upon the user’s preferences, browser addons, operating platforms, graphics card ability etc.

Most importantly, when it comes to cross-platform apps development we need to consider how we are going to port code from one OS to another like from Windows to iOS, or Mac.

For this, we do extensive QA and testing, and sometimes what we need to spend on QA is more than what is actually spent on developing code and graphics designing. However, QA remains an essential part of cross-platform development.

The pros of cross platform development are quite easy to summarize in a nutshell – lowering costs of development, reducing the time it takes to deploy across multiple platforms, and ability to integrate easily with cloud infrastructure.

However, cross-platform development, like most other software development work is no open and shut case. We have to do continuous tweaking to make best use of each platform – so cross platform development taken to best practices is using a common framework but developing different versions for deploying. Otherwise, it results in apps that are limited by the abilities of different platforms.

At iBlazing we take cross-platform app development with the seriousness it deserves, because there’s a lot of hard work to do. And we do that well enough to bring smiles to your face.

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