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Responsive website designing is the future of the web, and we excel in great designs that are affordable to you.

In a nutshell, responsive designs respond and fit to their environment and are good for businesses as well as search engine optimization.

They differ from designs made exclusively for mobiles in that they cover a wider range of devices, are almost universal in application, provide a consistent user experience across different devices, and allow you to put content of a page on a single url without splitting into several urls based on user device.

However, responsive designing is not the forte of every designing and development company, because it needs to be approached holistically.

At iBlazing we find ways to deliver your content across different devices, resolutions, display sizes, browsers, platforms, and a number of other variables. And without losing sight of the fact that the target of all designing and development efforts is to achieve your business objectives.

This means, responsive website designing must be able to engage the target audience for conversion. It's not a fashion - the purpose of spending to go responsive is to achieve business goals.

Just being able to display something across different display screens is a part of the game - there's much that remains to be done beyond that.

Theoretically, responsive designing solutions depend upon fluid grid layouts that adapt themselves according to display screen resolutions.

However, in reality, the elements within those grids including images and other elements have to be rescaled by separate scripts, and not all of it may be pushed on to client side - it would increase page loading times and hamper business goals. On the other hand, the more loads you take on server side, the greater are your server and processing costs.

Even though HTML5 and CSS media queries maintain the backbone of responsive designing solutions - there are questions of cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility that we have to address.

This is why, for practical and top-notch responsive design solutions we make a thorough audit of content elements, as well as business purposes and objectives before sitting down to design things.

For us responsive designing solutions need to be responsible - they must follow best standards, but at the same time they should be easy on both users and our clients.

And that means we have to take decisions on where and when to use server-side technology or client-side technology, we need to decide whether we should go for fully fluid designs or adaptive designs with multiple fixed width layouts. And we have to decide on a blend of technologies and scripts to provide the best responsive design solution for your business.

But at the end, you can trust us to come up with a design solution that's not only responsive, but visually appealing, and functionally excellent.

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I found iBlazing to be a very efficient, cooperative and skilful company to deal with. They provide good communication and results.
Alexander Gunn, Director,
Australia (IT Solutions Company)