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Our Range of Services

iBlazing is a digital designing and development company catering to almost all verticals and processes used by businesses and enterprises. Our services and expertise range from simple website designing to mobile application development, and from responsive designing to search engine optimization and marketing. We have great software developers, content strategists, graphic designers, search engine marketers, and professionals for creating outstanding user experiences for your target audience.

In short, in this internet age, if you've heard of something being done or used regularly by businesses, you can be sure we do it - whether it's email marketing, or 3D or 2D animation, or eCommerce development and cross platform content management.

What makes us different from many providers is our approach to business. We thoroughly study the market niches of our clients before beginning to develop for them. We use architecture where designers and programmers work together to easily create a united vision. We take into account as many angles as you ask us to, or that we know of. We regularly come up with stunning suggestions and features to increase the impact of your projects.

And, most importantly, we always try to link billing to results and never build unsustainable financial relationships.

In easy words, we never quote so cheap that it becomes difficult to deliver on promises.

Service At A Glance

  • Website Designing and Development

In website development we put a premium on quality and time. We have awesome interface designers and do thorough testing for maintaining web standards and broad browser compatibility.

We use professional tools and time-saving technology to come up with cost-effective solutions carrying a blend of stock work and custom-made work.We also focus on building websites which are easy for clients to maintain by themselves, if they need to...  more

  • Responsive Designing Solutions

At iBlazing we ensure solutions to deliver your content across different devices, resolutions, display sizes, browsers, platforms, and a number of other variables. And without losing sight of the fact that the target of all designing and development efforts is to achieve your business objectives...  more

  • Web Application Development

We create excellent web applications and have coders who can help you create almost anything you want or need within current technological constraints. We are always spending a huge amount of time and money on research and development and our clients benefit from our experience all the time...  more

  • Developing for Mobiles and iOS

In mobile and iOS development we stress upon the cleanest code possible and we also do two things for our premium clients – first, we always provide sample code for review, and next we set up a system where you can keep accessing your code as you pay in real time. We take both our business and that of our clients with seriousness, and try to be as much adaptable and flexible as possible...  more

  • Social Media Application Development

We develop social media applications on three principal fronts: applications for audience engagement on established social media platforms like Facebook; applications that allow interaction and integration between client websites/applications with established social media platforms; custom-made social media applications created directly for client companies...  more

  • eCommerce Development

In eCommerce development, we maintain that it is vital to find a balance between your needs, security, and reliability. We do thorough testing and quality control before deploying anything in eCommerce development, however minor it might be, and we consistently focus on the most advanced and reliable platforms.

And besides development, we also undertake maintenance and management of ongoing eCommerce sites that work on Magento, OSCommerce or PrestaShop...  more

  • Cross Platform Apps Development

The pros of cross platform development are quite easy to summarize in a nutshell – lowering costs of development, reducing the time it takes to deploy across multiple platforms, and ability to integrate easily with cloud infrastructure.

However, cross-platform development, like most other software development work is no open and shut case. We have to do continuous tweaking to make best use of each platform...  more

  • Content Management Development

We use content management development and popular CMS for developing a wide range of services ranging from learning management systems, e-commerce systems, enterprise coordination systems, inventory maintenance systems, and sites, applications, and platforms for all kinds of businesses and organizations ranging from universities to rent a car companies...  more

  • Digital Marketing, SEO/SEM/SMO

If you need powerful support in search engine optimization, search engine marketing, PPC, online marketing, social media optimization and marketing, email or newsletter marketing, affiliate marketing or any other online marketing efforts you are planning – give us a call or get into contact. We’ll handle things the way you need them handled...  more

  • Animation for Web, Games and Architectural Visualization

Uses of 2D and 3D animation range from the creation of animated videos, advertising videos and special effects, architectural visualization, e-learning videos, marketing and explainer videos and the use of animation from computer games to advertising banners for the internet.

Clients also hire us for animations used in proprietary company presentations, or things like real estate virtual tours and we work with almost all available formats in the market – except those that are grossly outdated...  more

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Happy Clients

I found iBlazing to be a very efficient, cooperative and skilful company to deal with. They provide good communication and results.
Alexander Gunn, Director,
Australia (IT Solutions Company)